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Key Characteristics of a Good Team – Joyce Weiss

This communication tip is written by Joyce Weiss for the readers of Communication Weekly.  Visit Joyce’s site

You know a good team when you see one, but can you specifically state the elements that make for a winning team? If not, you’re not alone. Managers and leaders continually struggle with pinpointing the items that would make their team excel. That’s why so many companies today are struggling to stay afloat. Economic reasons aside, it’s having a good team that will pull a company through tough times.

In short, a team is a group of people who work toward a common goal. The result is that team’s effort yields more creativity than people working independently. Additionally, teams create synergy: when people are supportive of one another and follow a rational sequence in dealing with a problem, they are able to perform beyond the total of their individual resources.

If you want a team that has both creativity and synergy, then make sure your team embodies the following aspects:

1. Goal Clarity

For a team to work together effectively, every member needs to have goals that are clear and defined…and preferably written down. Goals that are only relayed via word of mouth often get fuzzy in translation from one person to the next and lack the accountability that writing them down puts forth. So make sure everyone is crystal clear about your company’s goals. 

2. Open Relationships 

Team members who have positive relationships with each other will always excel. So what is a positive relationship? It means people are willing to participate with each other, It means people give each other recognition and cooperation daily. It means everyone is aware of each others’ strengths and no one takes anyone for granted.

3. Conflict Management

People on winning teams are very open with each other and willing to state the facts. They’re not guarded or always protecting their “turf.” They value constructive feedback and know it helps avoid nasty problems and foster personal growth.

4. Role Clarity Expectations

For any team to reach a goal, each team member must be clear on both their role and their expectations. Realize that people are more than willing to do their job – they simply need to know what to do rather than be confused.

5. Procedures

Functional teams are procedural. They know that in order to make good decisions and get things done they need a system or procedure to follow. Without procedures, nothing gets done and the same problems remain.

6. Energy

When a team works well together, they have the energy and enthusiasm to get things done. The can differentiate between necessary and unnecessary tasks, and they devote their time and efforts to those things that are important and that yield results.

A Well-Oiled Machine

With the right team in place, a company can accomplish amazing things. So assess your team according to these six characteristics and make adjustments as needed. A good team is worth its weight in gold and can have a huge impact on the company’s bottom line.

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